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How to go from gym to work and still look like a million bucks

posted by in Beauty, Fitness on Jan 30, 2012
fit approach sweat pink

It’s tough to squeeze in workouts during the workday, but often you don’t have much of a choice if you want to make time to work out. Keep reading to see the editor of Running With Mascara, Jen’s, top 3 tips for working out and then going to work.

fit approach sweat pink

Photo: Lululemon via flickr

  1. Protect your hair.
    If you mess up your hair in the morning or during your lunch break, it’s going to be hard to fix it before heading to the office. Bring a fabric headband and a tie to secure your hair and keep it off of your face and back so that it doesn’t get sweaty during a workout. Bring a shower cap so that you can quickly rinse off after a workout, and bypass the steps of shampooing and conditioning your hair.
  2. Be organized.
    If you’re in a rush, make sure that everything you need for a workout, from your shoes to your headphones to your sports bra, is packed in one bag that you can just grab out of your car and throw back in after hitting the gym. If you have to scrounge through your car and purse for half the stuff you need, your time isn’t being spent efficiently.
  3. Have a workout plan.
    With a little time, consider whether or not you want to have an intense cardio session or whether you just want to do a bit of strength training. Develop a circuit that is refreshing, and doesn’t burn you out for the rest of the day. Your goal should be to get your adrenaline going, and feel energized after a workout. You definitely don’t want to be falling asleep at your desk for the rest of the day.

Thanks so much for hosting us on your blog, and letting us share our advice on how to have a fit and fab workout before heading back to work!

XO, Jen

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2 thoughts on “How to go from gym to work and still look like a million bucks

  1. These are great tips, thanks Jen! I especially need to follow your advice about having everything packed and ready to go. Otherwise, I find myself running around my house like a crazy lady, looking for my keys and losing my headphones in the process :)

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