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What makes 6a.m. worth it? Climbing trees.

posted by in Fitness on Jul 19, 2011
Tree Climbing

About once a week I’ll have a moment where I think to myself 6a.m. is worth it. And by that I mean getting up to start my workouts at 6a.m.  Doing so ensures that I’m consistent, strong, fit and balanced in my life. Because we all need to see that our fitness efforts and the early morning hours are well worth it.

Enjoy today’s reminder…climbing trees.

I was back at one of the trees I climbed as a kid in our hometown park, but this time I was helping my niece and nephew reach the first branches and clamber into the center. They, along with about eight other kids, sat proudly and waved to all the adults that walked by.

Since I’m big on nostalgia, I decided Auntie would join them once the crowd of kids thinned out…and with a running start and wrapping my arms around the first branch I hoisted myself into the tree. There were great views up there, and it was just as awesome as I remembered. Looking down, I thought 6a.m. is definitely worth it–because I can still climb trees.  After about five minutes, I jumped the ten feet to the ground, landed safely, and turned around to catch my niece. Here’s hoping that it was just as inspirational a reminder to her to stay fit and healthy for life as it was for me.

What are the tangible reminders you get that reinforce you’re on the right track staying fit and strong?

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