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Review: Wallaby Greek Yogurt

posted by in Food, Reviews on Feb 17, 2012
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When it comes to breakfast, I’m a committed yogurt-lover. (Except when the chance chocolate croissant finds its way into my day, naturally). And when it comes to yogurt, I’m a loyal Fage fan. Have been for years, even despite some dabbling in other brands. My experiments with Strauss confirmed that I really only like Greek yogurt, not French or any other style. I took Chobani for a spin, figuring that the blogosphere couldn’t be wrong about its deliciousness, but eating fat-free yogurt feels like a punishment.

I most recently gave Wallaby Greek Yogurt a try, because it satisfied two crucial demands: it was available in low-fat, and it was organic. I also discovered it’s made in Napa Valley, which makes it a local option for me.

sweat pink fit approach

I also had a longstanding affinity for the brand: when I first returned from my year abroad, it was the only yogurt available in America that could even remotely compare to European yogurts. (If you haven’t eaten yogurt in Europe, you’re seriously missing out. Something about their dairy transforms plain old good-for-you yogurt into the most decadent, scrumptious sensory experience.)

fit approach sweat pink

Wallaby, it turned out, is a fabulous organic alternative to Fage. It’s a little thinner, but not enough so to be a dealbreaker. It tastes just like Greek yogurt should. And the individual serving sizes are 6 oz instead of Fage’s 8 oz—a size I always found awkward.  It’s more than I want to eat in one go, but it feels silly to pack up a measly spoonful or two for later.

With Wallaby, I’m a happy camper. :)

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5 thoughts on “Review: Wallaby Greek Yogurt

  1. OMG – when I still ate yogurt, Wallaby was the ONLY yogurt I would eat. Its creamy like European yogurt and oh. so. delicious. I never did the low-fat or greek (but I don’t like Greek yogurt) but they have the BEST banana vanilla yogurt. ever. period. the best.

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