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The best way to sweat

You may have seen our sweat activated tank tops floating around our facebook page and our online store. Even in an awkward self-portrait, they’re pretty cute, eh?

fit approach sweat pink sweatguru

They’re not just cute, though. They look all normal and innocent, sure, but they’re actually made out of the fabric of the future. 

What future, you may ask? The future in which your clothes let you know how hard you’re working. The future in which your clothes motivate you to work harder and harder.

These tanks are sweat activated. So when you sweat up a storm, another part of the design appears. If you don’t sweat enough, nothing happens.

If that’s not motivating, I don’t know what is.


We’ve been getting some customer feedback that the sweat activated message is somewhat unreliable. The unreliability isn’t something I had noticed, mostly because when the tanks first arrived, the first thing I did was put my shirt under the faucet to see the message. I may have a problem with delayed gratification. ;)

fit approach sweat pink sweatguru

Since then, I haven’t done much looking at my back when I wear my tank, mostly because my yoga studio doesn’t have mirrors. Clearly, I haven’t done enough yoga, because I cannot crane my neck far enough around to see my back during or after class to see if the message showed up.

But once I heard a few of our community members saying that they were having trouble getting the message to show up, I knew I had to do some investigating. (By the way: it’s SO nice to hear feedback from all of you! Keep it comin’!)

I wanted to set myself up for success on my first trial of my tank, so I opted to wear it to a really sweaty yoga class. The heated room would guarantee that I’d sweat enough to make the magical, secret design appear.

Well, I sweated my heart out. It was so sticky and drippy and HOT in there. But that’s where my good planning ended. I forgot to bring my camera, so I wasn’t even able to awkwardly ask the pregnant lady on the next mat to take a picture of my sweaty back after class. Note to self: when you open a studio, make sure there’s a mirror somewhere so people can check themselves out, and take awkward self-portraits, in situations like these ones. 

So I drove home as FAST as possible. So fast, in fact, that I destroyed my license plate on a nice Australian man’s truck.

fit approach sweat pink

Oops. That added another 5 minutes of unanticipated drying time. Things were not going as well as planned.

I took some pictures as soon as I got home…but it wasn’t fast enough.

Here’s what my back looked like:

fit approach sweat pink

The close-up:

fit approach sweat pink

You can almost see the design coming through.

But here’s what it would have looked like if I’d actually been sweaty enough. (Or if I just happened to run my shirt under the faucet again…)

fit approach sweat pink sweatguru

I guess I’ll need to work harder—and bring my camera next time, too.

Those of you with this tank: how’s it working for you? Any activities I should try?

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