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An Unexpected Journey to Finding My Passion

My fitness “ah-ha” moment started when I was in high school.  I was NEVER an athletic child; I had asthma as a child and a lack of confidence which, looking back, I think contributed more than I realized to my inability to do well in sports.  In my teens I was diagnosed with scoliosis and referred to a chiro and biokinticist.  I was given exercises to do by the biokineticist and from the moment I started, I enjoyed having a routine in place with my daily exercises.

Then someone suggested that I try yoga.  After the first class i just knew I could never stop going.  Having never been a “team player” i think i enjoyed the solitude and being able to do well at something without competing with someone else.  I soaked up everything I could learn from my bio, and I attribute my success in fitness to her and to a very strict yoga instructor.  Suddenly I became aware of my own movement, I could feel if I was doing an exercise incorrectly and I would correct myself; I could feel if my posture was poor and I would correct it.

After about a year or so of exercises and trips to the chiro, my scoliosis was reversed, but I didn’t want to stop exercising, and up until this point I’d only been doing back strengthening exercises.  So my bio, who somewhat took me under her wing, gave me a workout program that I could use to maintain my back strength and also improve my general fitness.  And the rest is history as they say!

Since then I’ve completed a diploma in Exercise Science, 3 certificates in Sport Nutrition, and am currently furthering my educational career by doing a BSc in Nutrition Science.  I spent two years doing fitness bikini competitions professionally and this year I took up anti-gravity yoga which has utterly consumed me.  Just as bikini fitness competitions were an “ah-ha” moment of sorts, so was my love for anti gravity yoga, so in that way my fitness “ah-ha” moment is ongoing and always evolving.

After my two years of competing, and being far too hard on myself, I am dedicating this year to loving myself and doing types of exercise I enjoy again, as opposed to exercising with a specific goal in mind.

~ Nicole ~

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Let The Fitness Games Begin!

The Fitness Games are here and the Fit Approach team could not be more ready! TFG is a premier fitness app that allows users to integrate fitness, gaming, and social media all on one platform! Once you set up your profile, you’ll be able to challenge anyone, anywhere, with any workout of your choosing!

Not competitive? That’s okay! The Fitness Games will also let you post fitness photos and videos for your friends to follow your fitness journey!


Not sure where to start? The Fitness Games was created by two nationally certified trainers with over 20 years of experience between the two of them! They’ve created 50 kick ass workouts for you and your friends. Just download the app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store, and you can start working out with the sweat pink community today!

Cool TFG features include:

  • Your very own profile page where you can post fitness pictures and videos for friends to comment on.
  • TFG “feed” allows you to browse pictures and videos from other users.
  • There are 50 pre-designed work outs to choose from, plus over 250 individual exercises for users to create their own workout routines.
  • TFG has a cardio category that allows you to follow and track your friends’ live progress via GPS.


We are absolutely in love with this app! Download your version here today and challenge us to a workout!

Follow TFG:

Twitter: @TFGapp

Facebook: /TFGapp

Instagram: @TFGapp

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Enough is Enough

I had spent most of my life being active. I was a gymnast for 10 years, and a runner for most of my teen years. After I got married, and moved to Michigan, my friend encouraged me to join the gym she was managing at the time. I went every day, and all I did was run on the treadmill. Three miles a day, everyday. I would learn later that this was not the best way to maintain fitness.  I ate mostly healthy as well.

Then in July 2010, I found out I was pregnant. I kind of panicked. Being adopted, I never had anyone that I was biologically related to, and this little life was the most important thing in the world to me. I stopped running, and focused all my energy on being pregnant. In retrospect, this was the worst thing I could have done. I had an awful pregnancy, and an even worse delivery, that resulted in a c-section.

Fast forward to April 2011. Here I was with a newborn and an abdomen full of stitches; looking and feeling the worst I have ever felt in my life. I gained about 40 lbs during the pregnancy with my son, and now I was panicking because I knew I needed to get the weight off as quickly as possible. I had never had to try and lose weight ever in my life. It was quite a humbling experience. I also expected after my pregnancy to just pick up right where I left of fitness wise. Man, was I sure brought down to earth quickly.

Six weeks after my son was born I got the ok to start exercising again. I loaded up my son into his BOB, and off I went. More like off I sluggishly dragged myself. That was my “aha” moment, I knew I needed to get fit. I needed to be healthy for my son. That first run was so humbling, I had no idea how much I would have to claw my way back to where I needed to be. I needed to start eating healthy again, and exercise.  For six months, I struggled to run two miles without stopping. One day, I finally told myself “enough is enough.” “You have told yourself for six months that you can’t run without stopping, and you’ve been mentally limiting yourself.” That cold day, I pushed the BOB for three miles without stopping. I’ve been on my way ever since. I finished my first 5K in May 2012, and have run two more since. I finished my first half marathon on July 21st, 2012. I am now in training for a marathon in October.

Back to what I said before about only running on the treadmill at the gym. I look back now and think, “I was wasting the gym, by only running. There are so many machines in here to help build up the whole body, and I barely ever used them.” With the help of my good friends Jen, and Emily, I have started lifting weights and using Nike Training club 5-6 days a week. I cannot believe how much it has helped my running, and toned everything up. I have also determined that all being well, with any future pregnancies I will keep running, lifting, and eating healthy all the way through. I don’t ever want to go back to the person in the mirror in April 2011.

Keep Sweating Pink everyone!

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