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Inspired to Run

Kristy is a native Minnesotan, who has been teaching high school German for the past 11 years. Extremely committed to her profession, Kristy travels to Germany each year for a month with students. She has a passion for travel, food and adventure!

A beginner in every way, it took Kristy until her early 30′s to begin running and it created a new-found inspiration and love for being active. Her very first race was a local 10k just 3 months after starting to run! This race opened the flood gates and Kristy completed her first 1/2 marathon in 2011 and ran the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon in 2012. She is committed to running at least one race every month, and has already registered for 3 more 1/2 marathons in the coming year.

While Kristy is new to the sport of running, she has enjoyed cycling, swimming, downhill skiing, snowboarding and yoga for many years.

Join Kristy while she shares her journey through pit falls, and trial and error towards better fitness and a leaner, healthier body at

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I Think I Can Do That!

A little over 9 months ago I left Salt Lake City and drove to Grand Forks. I hadn’t run in almost three months.

I didn’t think I’d ever run again.

I was so sure of this that I got rid of almost all of my running shoes. I cancelled races I’d paid for. I believed I was done.

I even cancelled my Runner’s World subscription. I almost couldn’t even bear to read about running.

But something happened on my very first morning in Grand Forks after my father and sister left. I set off on a walk, ostensibly to “explore” and couldn’t stop myself from running. I think I went around four miles that day, stopping to take pictures of my new home. A little less than a month later, I ran my longest run since my dismal Windermere Marathon finish in May. Those 16 miles were a revelation.

Two months after arriving in the GFK, I completed my first ultra-marathon, 6 laps or a little over 36 miles at END-TRAILS. In two months, I went from ‘never again’ to ‘aspiring ultra-runner.’

Life and running haven’t been a walk in the park since my first ultra-marathon. But something clicked when I stepped completely out of my comfort zone and started following my dreams. I started to believe.

I’m running across America next year; first because the cause of Sexual Violence Awareness and Rape Prevention are something I’m passionate about – and they aren’t issues that get a lot of press. In fact, more often we hear about these things being “pushed under the rug” like on college campuses. This is not a topic we like to talk about in the United States. But 1 in 6 women and 1 in 33 men will be a victim of a sexual assault in their lifetime. This is unacceptable, and I hope that by running a little over two marathons for 68 days, that will give us all 68 days to talk about it.

I’m also doing it, and every ultra-marathon I sign up for, because I believe I can do it. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have incredible moments of self-doubt and fear, but largely, when I hear about a new race and a new challenge, I think “I could probably do that.” I’m not always right. But I have the courage to try. I’m not sure that if I hadn’t left everything I knew to follow my dreams that I’d have the courage to think up new, bigger ones and then set off to accomplish them.

I’m not sure that on any fundamental level I’m different than I was 10 months ago. I worked hard then. I even accomplished some pretty cool things that I’m proud of. But I don’t know that I would have ever run my first ultra, or been flat broke in order to accomplish my dreams. Our limits are often mental, and it takes pushing them just a little to make possible what we once thought was impossible. Maybe even do what almost everyone else states IS impossible.

I’m never going to be a fast runner. I may never win a race. Or even my age group. I don’t even “look” like a runner. And sometimes, I fail. But I still think that I can do anything with hard work, positive thinking, and your support.

I believe.

And I keep saying, “I think I can do that.”

What helps you accomplish your dreams? What has kept or what does keep you from accomplishing them?

The fundraising stage of Running Across the USA has begun! To stay on track, I need to raise just $60 a day. Every dollar helps, and I’d appreciate it so much if you donate or share the GoFundMe page!

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Aha… again. The Nutritional Program That Turned My World Upside Down

As a 29-year-old mother of two who has been fighting the scale since the tenth grade, I have been in and out of Weight Watchers many many times and had great results… However… it seemed that I could always get within about 6 or 7 pounds of what they deemed my “goal weight,” and then the progress just stopped. I did everything right but still had that number that I just convinced myself I could not possibly get below. Weight watchers is an awesome program and has given me the tools I needed to lose a lot of weight in the past but once my body got used to the system, I needed something more.

As I admired an old college friend via Facebook and Instagram, and her amazing health results with the nutritional program she would later introduce me to, I decided to reach out to her and find out what she was doing. She is one of “those people” that you would look at her before pictures and think she didn’t have any weight to lose, but then you would see her after pictures and be totally in awe over the changes in her body although she hadn’t really shed many pounds. After some serious consideration and some long conversations with her, I decided to try the products myself.

This particular nutritional program consists of the highest quality whey protein shakes and bars, super healthy snacks, and weekly nutritional cleansing. I initially started the program strictly for weight loss, but after the first week of using the products I knew I would continue whether I lost any weight or not, just because of the effects these products had on my energy levels and also how convenient they are. For a crazy busy mom, I knew this was the easiest, most convenient way to get the absolute highest level of nutrition I possibly could.

In the first week, I started to notice changes in my energy levels and by the second week I was losing weight and had actually pushed past that number on the scale that hadn’t budged in years!! My athletic performance has changed completely since starting the program. I always thought I worked out a lot and it wasn’t until recently that I realized I wasn’t necessarily working out a lot, I was just spending a lot of time at the gym. My workout routine has changed from spending hours each week on the elliptical machine to participating in really high intensity workout classes like INSANITY and RIPPED and running several miles on the days I don’t attend classes.

As I look back at my High School, basketball bench sitting self who could barely make the 15 laps around the gym without stopping, I wish I could tell myself how strong I really was and foresee the athletic potential my body would one day be capable of. I am thrilled with not only the weight-loss, and changes in energy and performance I have been given thanks to this one of a kind nutritional program but also for the bettering of my overall health and the changes in my body. For the first time in my life, I actually have muscles… and can do real push ups (not the girly kind on my knees).

I truly owe all of this success to this amazing nutritional program and the way that it has not only changed my body but also my mind as I am so much more aware of what I am putting into it, and also to some awesomely inspiring people like my INSANITY coach who continues to push me further than I’ve ever thought possible. Through my most recent fitness journey, I have realized that in order to see changes you have to make changes and no matter how scary it is, it will be so worth it.


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