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#ActiveLivingChallenge Recaps!

We are loving all of the #ActiveLivingChallenge buzz on twitter from you guys! So many of you have been posting awesome recaps of your challenges and what they meant to you, and we want to share them with everyone! Here are all of our #ActiveLivingChallenge recaps!

Week 1:

1) @runninrocker http://runninrocker.com/2014/08/week-1-activelivingchallenge/

2) @womaninawheelbarrow http://womaninawheelbarrow.blogspot.com/2014/08/week-1-recap-active-living-challenge.html?m=1

3) @KinesisPhoenix http://kinesisphoenix.com/activelivingchallenge-week-1-recap/

4) @KaellaOnTheRun http://www.kaellaontherun.com/2014/08/active-living-challenge-week-1-recap.html?m=0

5) @DaenelT http://livingoutsidethestacks.com/activelivingchallenge-with-fit-approach-and-lorna-jane/

6) @ynowanathlete http://ynowanathlete.com/my-recap-activelivingchallenge-week-one/

7) @jillconyers http://jillconyers.com/2014/08/week-1-activelivingchallenge/

8) @ABmountaingal http://bettylivin.com/2014/08/10/activelivingchallenge-week-1-recap/

9) @TheFitSwitch http://www.thefitswitch.org/2014/08/activelivingchallenge-lorna-jane-fit-approach/

10) @jshallow01 http://linkis.com/blogspot.com/uwgps

11) @RunningHutch http://runninghutch.com/course-of-action/active-living-challenge/

12) @PerfectlyFitt http://perfectlyfitt.com/1/post/2014/08/activelivingchallenge-week-1.html

13) @CraftsnFitness http://crafts-n-fitness.blogspot.com/2014/08/week-1-activelivingchallenge-with.html

14) @runswithheart http://runningwithyourheart.wordpress.com/2014/08/11/training-recap-and-activelivingchallenge/

15) @happyrunnernik http://fittyduck.wordpress.com/2014/08/10/week-1-activelivingchallenge-recap/

16) @NFsisters http://linkis.com/naturallysisters.com/0rop2

17: @MothersPace: http://amotherspace.net/2014/08/activelivingchallenge-week-1/?utm_content=buffer33a7b&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

18: @MissMelTweets: http://www.missmelanie.com/2014/08/12/lorna-jane-activelivingchallenge-week-one-recap/

19) @fitfunjen http://twentieschic.com/activelivingchallenge-week-1-recap/

20) @laurenlomsdalen http://www.sweatthesweetstuff.com/2014/08/15/active-living-challenge-week-1-2/

21) @thedashingdaisy http://thedashingdaisy.com/?p=2609

22) http://touchingyourheart.net/blog/2014/08/12/activelivingchallenge-week-1-recap/

Week 2:

1) @ABmountaingal: http://bettylivin.com/2014/08/18/activelivingchallenge-week-2-recap/

2) @TheFitSwitch: http://www.thefitswitch.org/2014/08/activelivingchallenge-week-2-lorna-jane-active-fit-approach/

3) @KaellaOnTheRun: http://www.kaellaontherun.com/2014/08/activelivingchallenge-with-sweatpink.html?m=0

4) @NFsisters: http://linkis.com/naturallysisters.com/T3woe

5) @jshallow01: http://linkis.com/blogspot.com/t1pdg

6)@PerfectlyFitt: http://perfectlyfitt.com/1/post/2014/08/activelivingchallenge-week-2-recap.html

7) @TheFitSwitch: http://www.thefitswitch.org/2014/08/activelivingchallenge-week-2-lorna-jane-active-fit-approach/

8) @RunninRocker: http://runninrocker.com/2014/08/week-2-activelivingchallenge/

Did we miss your recap somehow? Shoot an email with the link to kimberly@fitapproach.com and we’ll add it to our press page ASAP!

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Fit Approach to Co-host First-Ever IDEA World Fitness BlogFest with #SweatPink

Fit Approach is super excited to announce that we will be co-hosting the IDEA World BlogFest with #SweatPink at this year’s IDEA World Fitness Convention in Anaheim, California, from August 14-17!

What’s in store for BlogFest attendees? Four action-packed days of in-depth blogging sessions, unforgettable celebrity workouts, and exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the largest fitness conference in the world.


Interested in attending BlogFest with #sweatpink? Register today at: http://www.ideafit.com/fitness-conferences/blogfest! Sweat Pink Ambassadors can use the discount code BLOGGERLOVE for $150 off of her/his registration! Awesome?! Yes!

During the event, be sure to come by the Fit Approach and SweatGuru booths (#1343) to say HI to the Sweat Pink team and meet fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors!

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SweatGuru to Unveil Personal Training Tool at ACSM’s Health and Fitness Summit and Exposition in Atlanta

ATLANTA, April 1, 2014

SweatGuru (www.sweatguru.com), the leading marketplace that connects people with fitness classes and experiences, announced today it will reveal a first look of its new 1:1 Personal Training tool at ACSM’s Health and Fitness Summit and Exposition, an event aimed at bridging the gap between the science of sports medicine and practice for the fitness professional. The conference takes place April 1-4, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia.

SweatGuru takes the work out of working out by giving consumers an easy way to discover, book and share fitness online. The company also offers small to mid-size fitness businesses a simple way to manage their business with online marketing, scheduling capabilities, as well as streamlined payment processing – all in one easy, affordable solution. With SweatGuru, people can find their perfect workout, thanks to listings of local classes, instructors and trainers in their area, plus the ability to reserve and pay for fitness classes and activities with a few simple clicks.

SweatGuru’s new 1:1 Personal Training feature, expected for widespread release in April 2014, will give personal trainers and independent fitness professionals the additional tools they need to grow their brand, make more money and easily manage their entire business in one place. SweatGuru will exhibit the new online solution, as well as offer free three-month trials of the feature at Booth #108 at ACSM’s event. The first 100 sign-ups will be entered into a raffle to receive an iPad Mini.

“ACSM’s Health and Fitness Summit is the premiere gathering place for fitness professionals to discover relevant information and update their education on the latest innovations and opportunities,” said Jamie Walker, Founder, SweatGuru. “We’re not only excited to participate, but also to further our commitment to empowering fitness pros to become savvier entrepreneurs by helping them to manage their business, grow their client base and make more money.”

Through educational sessions and workouts, ACSM’s Health and Fitness Summit and Exposition’s 900+ attendees – health and fitness professionals, program directors, personal trainers, public health professionals, educators and other health care practitioners – will be presented with cutting-edge information on hot topics in the industry including nutrition, personal training exercise program design, sports medicine and professional development.

For more information about SweatGuru, or to locate a variety of fitness classes, please visit www.sweatguru.com. If you are a fitness professional and would like to learn more about SweatGuru’s unique platform, please visit: http://about.sweatguru.com/overview/

About SweatGuru
SweatGuru (www.sweatguru.com) is the online marketplace for fitness classes and experiences. By allowing anyone to organize, discover, book and share fitness online, SweatGuru takes the work out of working out. The company offers fitness professionals easy-to-use, affordable online business management solutions for marketing, scheduling, payments and more, allowing busy fitness professionals to spend more time teaching and less time behind a desk. SweatGuru is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.


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